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Friday, September 6, 2013

New Official Blog

Dear Patrons,
We wish to thank you for the continuous viewership of our blog.
We are happy to inform you that the blog has now been moved on our official RSADirect website and we will continue our efforts to share information through the same. Here is the link of the Official Blog - http://insurance.rsadirect.ae/blog
We thank you once again and hope you seek the information we share on the Official Blog.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Texting While Driving How Dangerous is it

According to Article 8 of UAE Traffic Law, anyone who drives in a way that poses a potential danger to others on the road should be fined Dh1,000, given 12 black points, and have their cars confiscated for 30 days. Another law, Article 135 says that those who use any hand-held device while on the wheel should be fined Dh200 and given four black points. Studies even show that texting at the wheel is riskier than drunk driving. But have the laws made a difference? Do people no longer use their cell phones in the car while on the road? Well, here is one more fact that may lead you to the state of affairs in the present times. It was reported that more than 13,389 motorists were caught texting while driving by the Abu Dhabi police in the first 6 months of the year 2011. According to the head of Dubai Traffic Police, Brigadier Mohammed Saif Al Zafin, his department issues 50,000 to 60,000 fines a year for texting while driving. So it is not that drivers don’t know the traffic rules and regulations about texting and driving, but simply choose not to follow them.
The Police and the Roads and Transport Authority are doing their bit to ensure safety on the roads, but it is important the drivers take part of the responsibility too. This is the reason it is necessary to read about the evils of texting and driving. We all feel our kids are safe drivers and as are we, but how many times have you answered a call while driving or sent a text message? The invariable reply is ‘many’. We all mean well and don’t think of ourselves as a menace to society, but this is exactly what we are doing. Studies show that out of all car accidents each year caused by a driver aged between 18 to 40 years, a considerable percentage happen because of using cell phones while driving. This is either talking on them, texting, while answering calls or even hanging up.

First of all, we are all under the illusion that everything we do on the phone is important. Who cares if you reply to that SMS after 30 minutes, or update your FB status later in the day? But, we feel everything is urgent. How many times do you ignore you phone’s ringing? Well, the typical answer is never. Some people may even add, ‘why have a mobile if you don’t intend to answer it?’ I suggest that if you can’t resist the urge of reading your latest SMS, get the other person in the car read it to you. Or better still employ a driver so that you can reply and keep in constant touch with everyone you want without endangering innocent people on the road. While these are some suggestions, the best way is to turn the cell off the minute you turn the ignition on.

Another great suggestion to overcome this problem is to fit your car with awesome gadgets that do the texting for you. For example, download the ShoutOut app to turn your smart phone into a texting machine that types out anything you say. This is a good hands-free solution. You can even opt for a GM vehicle or an OnStar. Also, once you do this do not forget to insurance your car. Safety gadgets can get you extra discounts on your premiums. Of course, before you buy or renew your insurance be sure to use some car insurance comparison sites to ensure you get the best deal. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 Steps Before You Get Behind the Wheel

Gone are the days when driving a car was a luxury. In today’s fast paced world, where every minute is of great value, driving a car has become more of a necessity. People need cars to go everywhere – work, the park, the dentist and so on. Of course, there are always public transit options such as trains, cabs and buses, which are much cheaper and faster, but nothing beats the convenience of a personal car. However, before you even think of buying a car, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. Once there factors are taken care of, you are all set to drive your very own car. Mentioned below are a few of these factors:

1. Get a license: This might sound very obvious, but it is something which cannot be neglected. It is very important to get a driving licence before you even think about getting behind the wheel. Even a learner’s license should suffice for that matter. Having a license means that you are qualified and legally permitted to drive a car.

2. Think in terms of economy:  Of course, you bought a car. It is of your preferred make, model and colour, but have you really thought of it in terms of economy? This is something that needs to be given due consideration. With the ever-rising fuel prices, it is very important for your car to give you a good average per litre of fuel. Sometimes, even the best cars have a weak fuel average. Hence, you should take your time and choose your car very carefully.

3. Know the rules: Knowing the rules is as important as getting your license. It ensures safety and good driving etiquette. Although you are required to study your rulebook when you go to get your license, it is important that you keep brushing up every now and then. By doing this, you will not only be a good and responsible driver, but a safe one too.

4. Get your car insurance: Mishaps never come with a warning. Even when you drive with utmost care, things can go awry when you least expect it. This is where car insurance comes in. Having one financially protects you from an accident and you can always claim the insurance amount for any damage that your car has suffered. Moreover, having car insurance takes some load off your mind and you can enjoy some stress-free driving.

5. Think about how you feel: Do you really need a car? Is public transit a better option for you? How do you really feel about driving a car? Are you confident enough? All these questions need to be answered before you step behind a wheel.

6. Learn from someone experienced: To become a good driver, you need to learn from someone who’s good. The best option is to go to a certified driving school. If you do not want to do that, you can always learn from a friend or a family member.

7. Be a mechanic: Before you get behind the wheel, you should learn how to take care of your car. Make sure you know the workings and parts of your car before you start using it. This will ensure the optimum performance of your car at all times.

8. Follow driving etiquette: Learning the rules is one thing, but learning driving etiquettes is equally important too. Little things like not honking, not speeding and traffic courtesy can make the road a safer and more pleasant place.

9. Get your car accessories: A car isn’t complete on a personal level if you don’t have your personal things in it. Little things like an air fresheners and personal seat covers can personalise your car to the next level.

10. Always be alert: No matter how empty the road is, always make sure that you are vigilant. Alertness will ensure safety and ultimately, we all want a safe ride, don’t we?