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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Top Tips for buying Insurance in UAE

Buying insurance demands some smart calculation, a bit of research and anaylsing insurance covers so they fit your bill perfectly. Your ultimate incentive when purchasing insurance is getting the best possible protection at the best possible price. On the surface, insurance to a regular consumer may seem to be no different, but the reality of it is quite the opposite.

Insurance companies differ in their approaches to price, on the covers they offer and their ability to foresee risk; all this determined by experience and operational spread out. In a few words, an international insurer with good worldwide experience and large scale operations is in a better position to offer you the best protection at a reasonable price. You may ask: How do I look for these insurers? Your best approach to researching in the convenience of your home or office is to look for insurers online. Most insurers have websites that either provide information or enable you to buy online.

International insurers will also provide options of buying, renewing and claiming online and even give you a discount when you purchase online! So, all you have to do is visit a couple of sites, collate a few quotes and compare them.

Voila! It’s that easy! Consider these factors to ensure your research is concise and structured.

Price: The affordability of any insurance is key. Insurance premiums vary on several different factors and from insurer-to-insurer. Ask questions if you don’t understand why your premium is higher than your friends’! For instance, car insurance premiums will depend on several factors such as age, driving experience, type of car, claims history; to name a few.

Discounts: Ask for a discount! Reputed international insurers provide excellent incentives to claims free or renewing customers. It just might be your lucky day!

Coverage: The extent of covers varies for different customers and insurers club them into several categories as individual products. Ask for options and choose the cover that best protects you and falls within your budget. Be sure not to under insure just to save a few pennies.

Customer Support: Inquire about various contact points available to you during a claim or when you are in distress. International insurance companies are well equipped to support their customers with high tech websites, customer focussed call centres, 24 hr SOS support and 24 hr recovery services.

Paying Claims: When an insurer pays your claim, you are being given what you were promised when buying the policy initially. So remember, an insurer with a reputation of paying claims is a good insurer and more experience translates to financial stability and industry leadership.

You are now well equipped to go out and find the insurer that best fits your needs. Buying insurance in Dubai is that simple!

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