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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Top Tips on Getting Good Online Travel Insurance in Dubai

Travelling to an exotic destination or going on a business trip? Have you done all the planning to ensure your journey and stay is as comfortable as possible? Have you added Travel insurance to your plan?

Present day travel is convenient and pleasurable thanks to many advancements with aircraft safety, airport management, hotel bookings and other related services. However, a leisure traveler or traveling business executive should always be wary of risks and hidden perils associated with the journey and stay.

One may ask; how do I know what covers to choose or where to buy it from? Often people are fazed by the hassle of looking for insurance. There is generally a lack of understanding about the importance of online travel insurance in avoiding grueling ordeals associated with misfortunate events. The reality is that travel insurance for you and your family should be top priority when planning your trip.

Travel insurance offers numerous benefits at an easily affordable cost for all classes of travelers.

When you opt for covers, consider the following factors:

1. Worldwide cover and excellent service network offered by the policy.

2. Cover for cancellation of your journey and missed departures.

3. Cover against loss or damage to personal baggage or loss of passport.

4. Cover for medical emergencies and 24/7 international support

5. Cover against loss or theft of personal belongings

Covers offered by insurers are subject to specific conditions and may vary accordingly.

Travel insurance can be bought from an insurer’s branch, call centre or website or via appointed brokers and partners such as airline companies and travel agents.

The easiest way however is to compare and purchase travel insurance online. You will find great deals on travel insurance with discounts for online buyers.

Type “travel insurance in Dubai” on google and go through at least 3 or 4 insurers to compare covers offered and level of service. This shouldn’t take you more than half an hour and you may even be able to make a decision by then.

Remember, cheap does not necessarily mean reliable when it comes to insurance. Consider covers offered and claims reputation before signing up for your travel policy.

Insurance companies vary in their offerings, experience and credibility in the market. While choosing the right insurer, consider the following:

1. Choose international insurers with a good worldwide network of medical and 24/7 support service providers.

2. Speak to family and friends for experiences with travel insurance companies. This will help you determine how honestly a company fulfills its claims obligation.

3. Choose an experienced and market leading insurance company. Often, large and reputed companies invest in resources to ensure maximum comfort to their customers.Customers are offered 24/7 emergency support, dedicated call centres with multi-lingual staff, online and email channels for correspondence.

4. Choose an insurer that offers discounts and incentives for purchasing online.

Insurance policies can be tailor-made to fit your travel requirements. Speak to your advisor and ask any questions you may have around your protection while on the move.

Buying online travel insurance in Dubai is simple and convenient. Before you go on your trip, use these tips to ensure you are covered under the best policy money can buy.

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