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Monday, January 31, 2011

Choosing a UAE Insurance Company

You need to consider certain facts such as price and benefits to ensure you get the best deal when choosing a UAE insurance Company to buy your policy. A cheap policy may be easy on your pocket initially but may eventually leave you paying the price due to lack of coverage in the event of a claim.

Buying insurance in the UAE, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, can be a little tricky owing to the large number of service providers and intermediaries. The solution is to compare insurance prices from a few well known providers and typically choose a global insurer to protect your needs.

With a large international insurer you can be sure that you have support 24 hours a day and your claims will be processed without any hassle. Many of the top insurers run responsive call centres and are well equipped to handle any incident or calamity which may be reported either by phone, email or by going online.

Choose an insurer that gives you flexibility of choosing covers and gives you discounts when purchasing additional policies for you and your family.

You may want to consider certain policies while residing in the United Arab Emirates:
• Medical cover
• Motor insurance
• Household cover
• Yacht insurance
• Personal accident cover
• Travel insurance

Take advice and do your research before purchasing an insurance policy. Choosing a UAE insurance company that has a global presence and a good claims service is recommended.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Insurance rates Dubai

When researching insurance rates and personal insurance covers on offer in Dubai, the first step is to consider the type of cover that would best protect against various risks. To begin with, you should consider insurance cover for motor, home, travel, medical and personal accident. Choose an insurer that offers a full range of services and gives you special discounts for additional polices purchased.

Buying insurance from an international insurer in Dubai is convenient and is made even easier with the option of procuring quotations or purchasing policies online. This translates to easier comparison of prices and levels of service offered by different insurance providers in Dubai.

Since auto insurance is mandatory in Dubai, it is good to understand the extent of the cover your insurance provides, the exclusions the policy entails and the deductibles charged in the event of a claim. You may also choose to pay extra for special additional cover, depending on what your requirements are. Speak to your insurance advisor to understand various options.

Home insurance cover is a good option to look at while staying in Dubai. Talk to the same insurance company that looks after your motor or medical needs as additional policy purchases entitle you to additional discounts.

Reputed insurance companies provide a service that is quick, responsive and courteous. They also allow you to claim online and offer support to you through a call centre, by phone and by email.

Just as how individual insurance needs vary, so do the rates and services provided by insurers. It’s the ‘peace of mind’ people purchase and as a customer you need an insurer who honour what they promise when paying your claims and provide you comprehensive covers guaranteeing maximum protection. You will find plenty of insurance companies in Dubai; the advice is to analyse whether your insurance cover offers you maximum protection and is of good value.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Travel Insurance in Dubai

Travel insurance in Dubai is a good choice for business travelers and tourists so as to ensure the smoothest trip possible. Wherever your next trip takes you, there are chances you may face some disruptions and inconveniences while on your journey. In order to make your holiday or business trip as hassle free as possible, it is prudent to take some elementary precautions before travelling. Most travelers will agree that purchasing travel insurance is a vital precaution to take while planning a trip or holiday.

Several affordable insurance options are available in Dubai to cover the cost of medical emergencies, cancellation or postponement of a trip, lost baggage and personal effects.
Emergencies of a medical nature, possibly illness or accidents are always a cause of concern while on the move. Emergency medical and treatment may be expensive in foreign countries or the level of medical care may not be of the required standards, which means repatriating the patient to ensure the best medical attention is administered.

It is easy to purchase travel insurance online. International insurers in Dubai offer online purchase options via secure websites where a quote and policy can be generated in minutes and the physical policy documents delivered to quickly. You can buy your insurance policy from the convenience of your home or office. The greatest advantage is you can claim online from wherever you are in the world 24 hours a day. Top insurers have dedicated call centers to help customers in distress and respond to customer emergencies and queries immediately.
Loss of personal baggage, travel and other documents while travelling can be a harrowing experience. If your travel is time bound, ask your insurance advisor to give you a better understanding of these covers and how they can benefit you.

Understanding one’s travel needs and preparing for any eventualities is essential for today’s travelers. This guarantees you are protected against the odds and no disruptions come in the way of a well planned trip. So, when taking travel insurance in Dubai, look for an insurer that has an international reputation, is available around the clock and has a good claims service.