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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A wide range of insurances products are readily available in the market at competitive prices and benefits. International insurers offer packaged policies as well as customised protection for motor, home, travel, golf, medical and personal accident to individual customers.

While buying insurance for one’s protection may be discretionary, some insurances are made mandatory by law in many countries. For instance, car insurance is a must in the United Arab Emirates. Since, buying insurance is crucial protection from financial difficulties from unforeseen events; you may want some pointers to get the best deals for you and your family. Listed below are some tips on insurance cover and how to get the best insurance rates in Dubai.

• Finding an insurance company: Speak to friends, colleagues and family for information on insurers. Often this is a good way to understand what services various insurers offer. Purchasing insurance online is popular and simple, with some reputed international insurers offering good incentives and discounts.

• Choosing the right Insurer: Ensuring you are insured with a reliable company is important. Find an insurer that offers products best fitting your needs, is reliable,has international coverage and is flexible.

• Factors to consider while buying insurance: Look for discounts on buying multiple policies, incentives for renewals, good claims service and a reputation in the market. All insurers will claim they are the best, but we all know that is not true. Compare various insurers in terms of services, years of insurance experience,value for money and dedication to customer support. Often an insurer with international exposure, years of market experience and a strong global network is much more reliable than a relatively new insurer with only local operations and a low understanding of risks.

• Determining the best insurance rate: Every policy is different in terms of coverage and insurers consider several factors before quoting.For example, car insurance depends on the type of car, the driver’s age, claims history, etc. A young or novice driver looking to insure his sports car will have a higher premium to pay compared to a driver with a 5 year plus driving experience, a zero claims history; driving a regular sedan.

Use these tips to get the best insurance rates in Dubai and stay protected with the best insurance policy money can buy!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tips on Getting Personal Accident Insurance in Dubai

Getting personal accident insurance in Dubai can be hassle-free when you buy from an internationally reputed insurer. There are many national and international insurance providers in Dubai offering personal accident cover at various prices. International insurers also provide customised policies that suit individual need at affordable costs and have a wider range of cover.

Family and friends with personal accident policies are good source of feedback in terms of claims and general customer service. Online forums and blogs can also provide essential opinions on reliability, price and claims service.

Online buying of personal insurance policies is very popular in Dubai. For a population that is constantly on the move, buying insurance online is convenient, offers easy price comparisons and advanced encryption means hi-tech internet security against hackers and phishing.

Moreover, international insurers also offer attractive incentives and discounts for internet purchases and to holders of multiple policies. A good insurance website is easy to navigate, provides policy conditions and extent of cover at a glance and offers information on benefits and exclusions of the policy.

Use these tips while buying personal accident insurance:

- Choose a reputed insurer. An insurer with industry accolades is a good choice.

- A dedicated call centre with email and telephone support and 24 hour assistance is something to look for when making your purchase decision.

- Cheap does not necessarily mean secure. A low-priced insurance policy may
lead to a false sense of economy at the time of purchase and a cause for concern during a claim. Choose an insurer who offers a reasonable price for a solid cover, is known to be sympathetic to claims and has good customer service.

- Ask for personal limit options on your policy. Most insurers allow you to set these according to your individual needs.

- Ensure you’re honest and disclose all information as requested by the insurer. Be sure to disclose your medical history and all existing conditions. This will ensure that the insurer has no grounds to reject your claims when they arise.

Personal accident insurance in Dubai excludes events like war and terrorist attacks. Certain potentially hazardous activities and sports like hunting, racing, boxing may also be excluded.

However, it is always best to speak to a personal insurance advisor to understand what can be covered by your policy. Getting the right level of personal accident cover, understanding the level of protection and the insurers’ reputation will go a long way in ensuring you get the best insurance policy in Dubai that money can buy.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Golf Insurance in the UAE

Many insurers may offer Golf insurance in the UAE, but the true essence of a good insurance policy is in the protection it offers against various related risks. In order to understand whether a policy protects you against these perceived risks, researching options in the market is the right start. Begin by comparing covers offered by various insurers online and you should be able to access what policy best fits your needs.

Most complete golf insurance policies include certain medical expenses arising from personal injury while playing or practicing golf, protection for golf clubs and equipment against loss or damage, reimbursement of entry fees in case of illness or accident, reimbursement of club membership fee in case of illness or accident, and a hole in one celebration quota.

An international insurer will also offer you additional facilities such as a worldwide golf cover, so you can enjoy a game of golf anywhere in the world.

Injuries to self or third parties or third party property damage may be more of an impending risk than perceived. So it’s always better to ensure your policy covers you for such eventualities.

Purchasing good Golf insurance in the UAE will ensure your next swing is minus the hassle of unforeseen circumstances. And if your luck shines, you may even celebrate your hole-in-one in style while your policy takes care of your bar bill!