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Monday, January 9, 2012

Get your online motor insurance in minutes!

Whether you are purchasing or renewing your motor insurance policy, you are looking for both reasonable rates and service from your insurer. Best service for a reasonable price seems to be the order of the day, as everyone’s become conscious about insurance. What’s more, though this insurance hunting exercise is a once-in-a-year task, not knowing your way round the UAE insurance market can be harrowing, especially when there are an umpteen number of insurers to choose from in the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE market hosts both local and international insurers, who also transact business through appointed brokers. International companies bring with them world class expertise, years of experience and the capability to offer benefits that are at par with international standards. In other words, when you choose an international insurer, you get the best cover for the best price with great customer service. International insurers offer value for money motor insurance via branches, call centres and websites.

There are many factors that go into deciding the premium for an insurance policy. For car insurance these include variables such as year of manufacture, age of the driver, driving history, make and model of the car, the car’s declared value etc.

Motor insurance is best purchased online as it offers exceptional speed and convenience
compared to conventional methods such as phone calls or visiting braches. Most international insurers offer customer friendly websites with facilities to buy, renew and claim with a click of a button. Go online, type in motor insurance in UAE and click on the first few inurance links that appear on google. Continue by filling in details to procure a quote, compare at least three and make your decision by comparing benefits, price and features. Once you have decided which insurer you want to go with, buy your policy with your credit card and you will soon have this sent to you. Easy!

Purchasing motor insurance in UAE is as simple as pointing and clicking. Moreover, insurers offer good discounts to online buyers and safe drivers. So next time someone seeks your advice about procuring the best motor insurance in the UAE, you know you need to ask them to go online!

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